Elzapherig (Елзапхериг)

by Natanas

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Godless martyrs hostile bombast
Insistent command possession contrast
Beset upon the proles
Desiccated cadavers tossed in holes
Insignificant to the last
Elzapherig's horse gallops towards the past

Somewhere in the Appalachian darkness
Shaman summons relentless
Never healing politico induced trauma
Shelters allies pierces earth
Soldier underground peaceful final
Blackened halo, commander worthless

Within that granite bastion
Hidden respite, yet no relaxation
Messenger thru the air
Signal to declare
All is lost, owned in full
Battalion dead, forked tongue within the head

Societal desecration complete
No more stand on our feet
Abrahamic subservience replete
Of self-directed intent
The Belligerent Entity on the march
The goal in an instant

Elzapherig mourns
The cycle repeating endless
Centralized again
Control and resource
This race of man, sacrificial citizens all
Destroyed itself without recourse

- The Lamentation of Elzapherig, N. Leveck 2016

This is the first album of the Initial Vindrakgish Trilogy. This trilogy is cross-project. The other two parts are Vindrakgish, Ahoy by Uls De Tol (ulsdetol.bandcamp.com/album/vindrakgish-ahoy) and Demonic Ambassador by Enord Khan (enordkhan.bandcamp.com/album/demonic-ambassador).

This release (and the rest of the Natanas catalog) is name your price. Thousands of albums have been downloaded from my Bandcamp. The vast majority typing zero in the price box. The persons who have thru the years tossed a dollar or more at the music -- this album is dedicated to you. Money is not the end goal of Natanas, however, it never fails to put a smile on my face. Thank you for your support.

Special thanks to Aubry, Dalton, Ribay, Liam, Bukavac, my father, the men and women in the armed forces, and my brothers and sisters in the oil field.


released July 21, 2016

All song writing, lyrics, instrumentation, and vocals performed by Namtaräum, recorded in July of 2016 at Natanas Studios in Rock Springs, Wyoming. ©℗ 2016 Namtaräum (Nathaniel Leveck), All Rights Reserved.


Cover design by Namtaräum
Natanas logo by Christophe Szpajdel



all rights reserved


Natanas Rock Springs, Wyoming

Natanas is Namtaräum, ave all who travel.

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